Southern    Association   of    Student  
          Financial   Aid   Administrators

  • PPY and Conflicting Information (General Session)
  • Federal Update (General Session)
  • Aftermath of the Elections (General Session)
  • Student Loan Market Trends / Is College Worth It?
  • Just Keep Swimming! Just Keep Swimming! Keeping Mentally Healthy in the Financial Aid Profession
  • 5 Must-Haves for Modern Financial Aid
  • Cash Management
  • Step by Step: Default Prevention Strategies to Keep Your School on the Right Track
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Leadership Involvement
  • Would You Read Your Own Website?
  • How to Handle Violence in the Work Place
  • Life in a post-QA World
  • Direct PLUS Loan Processing A to Z
  • Utilizing an Integrated Student Service Model to Enhance the Financial Aid Experience for Health Graduate and Professional Students
  • "I Just Got Promoted! Now What?"
  • “This is my story”…Panel/group discussion on dismantling discrimination through candid, respectful and candid dialogue
  • Working with Millennials and Beyond
  • R2T4
  • Advancing Your Career in Financial Aid
  • Title IV Fraud (Tentative)
  • “Lost in Translation: The Unspoken Financial Challenges Faced by International Students in the US”
  • COD Update
  • TEACH Grant
  • The ABC’s of Student Finance
  • Consumer Information
  • Cohort Default Rate
  • Examining the One Grant, One Loan Model
  • Stressed Out in the Financial Aid Office: Examining Outsourcing as a Strategy to Ease the Pain
  • Making Your Case: Creating Successful Budget Requests
  • Advocacy and You
  • NASFAA Research on Federal Work Study
  • DL and Pell Reconciliation
  • Program Review Expectations/Preparation
  • Gainful Employment
  • Transitioning Your Students Into Loan Repayment
  • Case Study:  School Put on HCM2 and Closed
  • Rethinking Our Marketing, Publicity, and Communications Efforts in the Aid Office
  • SULA Requirements and Best Practices
  • Measuring the Financial Health of Young Adults
  • “What is the Right Type of Loan?  Help your student fast
  • Managing & Reconciling Title IV Funds
  • break to the best loan for them.” 
  • Reducing your CDR… Family Feud Style!

  • Working in an Enrollment Management Environment
  • Practical Tools for  New Aid Administrators
  • PPY
  • Enrollment Reporting and Transfer Monitoring
  • Politics, Ethics and Leadership 
  • Birds of a Feather: Financial Aid Software Users Sessions
  • State Meetings



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Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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